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18th of November 2014 - Why we said goodbye to CreeperHost and hello to NodeCraft

Link to post on Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/ATLauncher/comments/2ml1ur/why_we_said_goodbye_to_creeperhost_and_hello_to/

As most of you probably would have known, we have been supported by CreeperHost for some time now (about 4-5 months) and while we are eternally greatful to them for providing us with that support, it's time we say goodbye.

Over the past month or so, CreeperHost have been having issues keeping their systems in sync. There would be instances where things would be out of date for well over 24 hours, which for an ever updating launcher full of hundreds of different packs updating, this started to become a real issue.

Now while we can understand this happening a few times and then getting fixed, this situation has been happening far too often for it to go unnoticed and start to become a massive pain. For a single person to run ATLauncher as well as trying to keep track of if someone else is actually keeping everything in sync for your users, well that just became too much, as well as the fact that it was hard for us to work with CreeperHost to fix these issues.

Now don't get me wrong, I have no ill towards CreeperHost, they do a great job, especially thanks to Luke from CreeperHost for being the one around to solve the issues and being an all round great guy.

Now onto NodeCraft, who will be effectively replacing CreeperHost. Jon from NodeCraft was the very first person ever to reach out to me at ATLauncher and offer any help during our early days, and with no strings or labels attached either, just a fellow community member wanting to help out another. At that time I had no interest in any help, being the stubborn person I am, and continued merrily along. Now I kept in contact with Jon from NodeCraft for quite a while, learning more about himself and his company, and he was always a pleasure to talk to, bounce ideas off etc.

You can find out more about NodeCraft on their website at https://nodecraft.com/

NodeCraft is one of those very few Minecraft hosting providers that I can honestly look at and think they are top of the pack. They put effort into their presentation and how they portray themselves as a brand. They are constantly innovating and coming up with new ways to help and furthur the Minecraft community. They are truely one of the good guys in my personal opinion.

For the reasons stated above, and more which are small and don't really warrant going into, we have decided to, as the title says, say goodbye to CreeperHost and hello to NodeCraft.

Effective immediately we have switched over the launcher to use NodeCraft's CDN instead of CreeperHost and have changed all CreeperHost branding to NodeCraft (although it may take some time for all to get the update).

I look forward to working with NodeCraft and their innovative team, to continue to grow ATLauncher and NodeCraft into the future. Of course as I said, I have no ill towards CreeperHost, this is strictly a business decision on what I think is best for ATLauncher now and going into the future.

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Lastly let me remind you, incase you aren't aware, that NodeCraft do sell Minecraft servers, with one click installs of many ATLauncher packs. We will be working very closely with them to provide instant updates so you don't have to wait around when packs update to update your server. Give them a go, you may be pleasantly suprised.

NodeCraft have supplied a 20% off code for you to try their services if you so wish. Use promo code 'ATL' to get 20% off your first month. So go check out their deals at https://nodecraft.com/game-servers/minecraft
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So that's all from me today, we look forward to what the future beholds, and of course, please feel free to ask questions. I am happy to answer any questions, concerns etc.


19th of July 2014 - Privacy Policy

Hi all,

Just a quick update to let you know that we have released our Privacy Policy which can be viewed here.

If you are interested to know what data we collect, how we share it and what not, please take a look.


18th of June 2014 - ATLauncher & Connection Issues

Hi all, of the launcher is out now, as usual full changelog is here

This update should resolve peoples issues with downloading not working and connection timeouts.

If this update does not solve your issues, then I'm afraid the issue is on your end. We have done absolutely everything possible on our end to resolve the issues, so if you are still experiencing them, then I suggest you look at http://www.atlauncher.com/help/whitelist/ to start with as well as looking to your antivirus program to whitelist the launcher, java and the folder it runs in.

For those who do have issues, you can run the new Network Test Tool in the Tools tab which will take 5-20 minutes to run and MAY provide us with information needed to fix and diagnose issues. There is no need to report to us after running the test, we receive the information automatically. Please note the information gathered from this tool may be shared with third parties in order to track down and identify any issues in the network. While they don't contain your personal details exactly, they still may contain some information about you. But we only provide this information to those providers who are in the position to need the logs to solve network issues.

Please keep in mind that any posts made regarding download issues will be removed and merged into the existing thread here.

Any other issues with the update, please post in the appropriate place on the forums.


13th of June 2014 - ATLauncher 3.2.0

Hello all,

Just a quick thread to say that version 3.2.0 is now out on the launcher. For a full list of changes see http://www.atlauncher.com/downloads/

This update should resolve issues users were having with downloading thanks to the guys at CreeperHost for providing us access to their file CDN.

For more information about the whole ATLauncher + CreeperHost thing, please see this Reddit post

Issues with downloading packs and speed issues should now be resolved as they are now using CreeperHost's network.

Any issues with the update, please let us know here.


30th of April 2014 - Regarding Recent Kerfuffle

Hello all,

You may or may not have heard recently there was a tweet made by Jeb from Mojang regarding launchers stealing client details (source). While this was not aimed at us entirely, it did involve us in some way.

To understand this, you need to understand how Minecraft's authentication system works.

You put your username and password in, then that is sent off to Mojang's servers which then determines if it's a correct login or not. If it's valid Mojang send's a token back which is used to login to servers and successfully authenticates you. That's where it usually ends. That token is sent into the Minecraft process and used as needed.

About 5 months ago we added in a system which was created to stop cracked clients from being made and creating a drain and added cost to our servers. What this involved was sending the token that Mojang gave you for your login, to our servers which would then be re-authenticated with Mojang to make sure the user was a legitimate Minecraft account holder. We didn't log the tokens or use them for any nefarious reasons, we had no intention of doing bad, this was all done to protect ourselves from bad people. The only way your details could be compromised would have been if the servers were hacked and that data was looked at or recorded else where. This would allow the attacker to login to servers as you.

Since we added it in from the very beginning we invalidated all tokens that were received to our servers, meaning even if someone did get your token, they would need to use it within about 2 seconds before it got invalidated and no longer working.

We definitely didn't expect this to get this out of hand, and we never meant this in a harmful way, it was to protect us and our servers, being a small 2 person operation funded from our donors and our own pockets. I take full responsibility for this and apologize to all.

If you wish to be 100% certain that there is no issues, then you can login to the Vanilla Launcher once to refresh your login tokens. The latest update 3.1.24 has removed all these systems and all server side code has been removed. Be sure your running version 3.1.24 by checking at the top of the console or the ATLauncher main window. If not then please restart or download the update manually at http://www.atlauncher.com/downloads/

Again sorry for any confusion or worry we have caused over this issue and again more apologies on my behalf.


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