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To apply to have your pack included in the ATLauncher, please fill out the form below and click submit. If you have any questions please Contact Us. But please note that ModPack submissions will only be accepted from this form, any submissions done via any other means will be immediately denied.

When/If your pack is approved you will then get access to our Admin Panel where you can begin to create your pack using our system. You may want to make yourself familiar with our XML system by reading our XML and API Documentation in order to get an idea into how to create a pack.

At this time Private packs are only being accepted for established servers with websites and whitelisting procedures. Please note that just because you have a website and whitelist procedure doesn't mean you will be instantly approved. If your looking for a friend only or invite only private pack, your looking in the wrong place and your pack application will be denied and you should be looking at using something like MultiMC with DropBox or Technic.

Submitting fake or multiple requests including submitting private packs without proper whitelist and website details will get you permanently IP banned from the ATLauncher which means access to the Launcher also.

Make sure your spreadsheet is PUBLIC and viewable by everyone. If you submit your pack and your spreadsheet is locked and not publically available, it's instantly denied with no correspondence back to you, so make sure you can view it publically.

We deserve the right to deny any submission to us without reason. Our decision is final. If you want to be more likely to be approved, then give us details, descriptions and put some effort into your submission.

Get A Pack Form
Link to a copied and filled out version of this document by clicking on "File->Make a copy". This then needs to be on a public Google Docs document. If the spreadsheet is locked the submission will automatically be marked as spam and removed. No other spreadsheet will be accepted

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