Welcome to the ATLauncher website. This is the main point of contact to download the ATLauncher, get information about the ATLauncher and the packs in it as well as get some help.

ATLauncher is a simple and easy to use Minecraft Launcher which contains 384 different ModPacks including 136 public ModPacks for you to choose from. We at ATLauncher do not make any of these packs which makes what we do very unique. We help others get ModPacks out there and in the hands of the public.

So why not take a look at the different public packs that are available or just Download the ATLauncher and give a try yourself. If you're still unsure about us, then visit our about page to get a list of features.


7th of June 2019 - Featured Packs

ATLauncher version has just released which includes a new Featured Packs tab.

Featured Packs are packs that the ATLauncher team select that are featured. They're packs that we recommend you try out if you're looking for a different experience that you may be used to playing.

These are packs that may be using up to date versions of Minecraft with the latest mods as well as packs that are unique and interesting and we think people will enjoy playing them.

So give them a go, install them and play them, you might find something fun.

17th of June 2016 - Official Discord Server

Hi All,

Been a while since we've had any news posts!

We've opened up our official Discord server to the public and you can come join it by visiting https://atl.pw/discord.

Come join our community and talk to other players, mod developers, pack developers and ATLauncher staff.

Please keep it friendly of course, be kind to each other :)


10th of June 2015 - ATLauncher & Minecon

Hello all,

I've got some exciting news. ATLauncher will be at Minecon this year.

That's right, in less than a month we'll be at Minecon in the United Kingdom.

Our friends at NodeCraft have invited me (RyanTheAllmighty) to come represent ATLauncher alongside them at a booth at Minecon.

We'll have some ATLauncher branded goodies to give away at the booth as well as some cool limited merchandise for purchase. So please feel free to pop along if you're at Minecon and say hello, have a chat or check out some of the awesome things NodeCraft have at their table.

This is an exciting opportunity for myself, and for ATLauncher, so hope to see some of you there.

20th of May 2015 - Changes to Privacy Policy


We've made some changes today to our privacy policy.

You can find our privacy policy at https://atl.pw/pp

We haven't changed much, we simply have started to track more stats about users systems and launcher information in order to make decisions in the future in regard of directions and changes for the launcher, as well as being able to see what versions of things users have.

The launcher now collects the following additional information on startup:

  • Launcher version
  • Operating system name (i.e. Windows)
  • Operating system version (i.e. 6.3)
  • Java version and if it's 64 bit or not
  • The amount of RAM in the system

You can of course disable logging in the launchers settings. You can also request this information to be removed from our system as well as obtaining all information we have collected by visiting our privacy policy page at https://atl.pw/pp


18th of March 2015 - Pack Share Codes

Hi all,

Just a quick message to let you know about the new Share Code functionality added to the launcher in version

You can check what version of the launcher you have in the top of both the console and main window.

In version we added in Share Codes to share your optional mod selections with friends/users. This is great for those large packs which have alot of optional mods (such as Resonant Rise) and more importantly allow servers to hand out codes to users so they have the exact right mods installed to get on that server.

In version which we have just released, we added in the ability to automatically install packs using the share code, which has also been reduced down in size to only 8 characters, which means all old share codes no longer work.

In order to obtain a share code for an instance you've created, simply right click on that instances image and there is a Share Code option which when clicked will copy the share code for that instance to your clipboard as well as display it on the console.

You can still add in these new share codes the old way via the mods selection screen, or you can use our new tool on our site at http://www.atlauncher.com/launch-tool-helper to create links you can give out to other people/users to be able to auto add and install that pack into the launcher.

Now this process requires the user to download and run a small Java application in order to hook into the launcher and tell it what it needs to install, but it should allow simplifying the process alot.

The same link above can also be used to share semi public pack links with friends to automatically add semi public packs to a users launcher who goes through the process described above.

While this has been tested, please let us know below if you run into any issues. But if you do have any issues, make sure you're on the version of the launcher before posting any issues.

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