How To Download & Install

To download the ATLauncher you need to select the correct version. If you are running Windows then you should select the 'Windows (.exe)' button. If you are running a Mac then you should select the 'Mac OSX (.app)' button. If your running Linux or prefer to use the jar file, then you should select the 'Linux/Others (.jar)' button.

If your using the Mac OSX App then simple extract the file if necessary then place the ATLauncher app somewhere such as your /Applications folder or directly in your Dock. Otherwise put the exe/jar file in it's own folder somewhere on your computer such as on your desktop or documents folder, making triple sure you place it in it's a new blank folder.

Once downloaded and placed somewhere it's as simple as opening it like you do any other application. Once the ATLauncher is open you can then go to the 'Accounts' tab and enter in your Minecraft Username/Email and Password combination to add your account and start playing packs.

To play a pack just simply navigate to the 'Packs' tab and click 'New Instance' on any of the packs you want to play. Optionally give it a name and pick a version to install and click Install and the process will run through and by the end you will have a working instance which you can play in the 'Instances' tab.

For a more details walkthrough on how to download and install the ATLauncher, please watch the Installation Video below. If you have any issues then please feel free to post in our forums to get some help.

Installation Video

Using The Jar Or Exe?

Make sure you save the download to a new folder somewhere. Don't just place this on your desktop or run it from your downloads folder, it should be run from a folder of it's own.

Using The Mac App?

If you're using the Mac app and it comes up as damaged, it isn't. Please don't post about this on our forums and watch the install video above, and at roughly the 5 minute mark, it explains how to solve it. Any threads about this on the forums will be immediately moved to the Graveyard.



Excessively clicking the download buttons will automatically IP ban you for 3 hours!


- Fix mods being downloaded even when they have already been downloaded

- Fix issues with filesizes not showing correctly when downloading mods for a pack
- Fix issues with username changes causing users to not be able to login with Mojang anymore
- Add in --force-offline-mode command line argument to, well, force offline mode. Should work fine
- Fix semi public packs being added/removed not refreshing the packs list
- Change the Install Just For Me to Enable User Lock and add in a warning popup
- Change the User Lock option to use only UUID's so that they aren't affected by username changes
- Change skins to use their UUID versions
- Add in logging for os/java versions to keep statistics on what is used by users. Can be disabled by disabling logging in the settings. See our Privacy Policy at for more information on how we use that info

- Fix issue with custom java paths not being recognized
- Change console logging back to what it was to prevent slowdowns

- Fix launcher not closing after an instance is launched when logging is disabled
- Fix launcher being able to be used after a failed update
- Install packs using JSON rather than XML for better everything
- Fix issue with failing to read in saved passwords (such as switching between computers)
- Fix issues with old Java paths causing issues launching packs
- Some changes to logging to the console to keep things in order under large loads
- Add a way for semi public packs to auto add their codes to users launcher
- Add the remove pack button back in for semi public packs
- Create share codes server side
- Add in auto pack installing (as well as share code installing) on launch if asked to do so

- Fix offline mode not working

- Fix issue adding mods to an instance
- Fix issue with the mods selector not showing all buttons

- Fix create server button being available when it shouldn't
- Log which pack/version is being launched when a user launches an instance
- When a download fails and a progress bar is shown, add those bytes done to the total so not to overflow the progress
- Fix NPE when a user has no skin on their account
- Let downloads use non user selectable servers and set libraries to download from multiple servers if it fails
- When clearing tried servers, set the users download server back to original
- Change the way filesizes for mod downloads are retrieved
- Fix issue with themes with invalid font's causing halts
- Change themes to use zip files for more control. Existing themes will no longer work
- New logging system, logs are now stored in baseDir/Logs/ with an option to only keep X days worth (defaults to 7)
- Add in Log Clearer tool to remove all logs
- Enter button now edits/adds an account in the Account tab
- Add in build versioning for beta testing
- Switch to Mojang's official AuthLib for authentication
- Don't delete symlinks
- Fix issues with dev versions with updates not being able to play until updated
- You can now ignore dev version updates as you can non dev versions
- When adding mods to a pack via the Edit Mods button, the default type is now Mods Folder
- Add in Share Codes to share a pack's optional mod configuration with others. Get it from right clicking an instances image and apply it to a instance when on the optional mods selection screen
- Disable the update item in the instances right click menu if there is no update
- Fixed network checker
- Removed Java 8 warning
- The Select All button will now show Select Recommended whenever there is ANY mod which is marked as recommended
- Let the launcher load when an instances json file is corrupt and alert the user
- Add in log uploaders and reporters for when hashes or servers json downloading fails

- Fix memory/ram initial setting not being able to be the same as the maximum setting
- Change to NodeCDN download servers
- Change branding to NodeCraft (See News tab for the announcement)
- Change icons to be Mojang compliant

- Get active file servers when booting up the launcher
- Fix issue with Twitch integration being broken when refreshing access token
- Fix experimental JSON support
- Add in command line option to skip tray integration (--skip-tray-integration)
- Change network checker tool to not be provider reliant
- Force initial memory to be lower than the maximum ram setting
- Only use Mojang default java arguments when there is no custom java arguments set by the user
- Remove _JAVA_OPTIONS environment variables when launching Minecraft
- Increase height of the launcher by a little bit

- Fix issues with linux and getting MAC address

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