How To Download & Install

To download the ATLauncher you need to select the correct version. If you are running Windows then you should select the 'Windows (.exe)' button. If you are running a Mac, Linux or prefer to use the jar file, then you should select the 'Linux/Mac/Others (.jar)' button.

Put the exe/jar file in its own folder somewhere on your computer such as on your desktop or documents folder, making triple sure you place it in it's a new blank folder.

Once downloaded and placed somewhere it's as simple as opening it like you do any other application. Once the ATLauncher is open you can then go to the 'Accounts' tab and enter in your Minecraft Username/Email and Password combination to add your account and start playing packs.

To play a pack just simply navigate to the 'Packs' tab and click 'New Instance' on any of the packs you want to play. Optionally give it a name and pick a version to install and click Install and the process will run through and by the end you will have a working instance which you can play in the 'Instances' tab.

For a more details walkthrough on how to download and install the ATLauncher, please watch the Installation Video below. If you have any issues then please feel free to join our Discord to get some help.

Installation Video

Using The Jar Or Exe?

Make sure you save the download to a new folder somewhere. Don't just place this on your desktop or run it from your downloads folder, it should be run from a folder of it's own.



Excessively clicking the download buttons will automatically IP ban you for 3 hours!


- Support 1.13 and later versions
- Remove all download servers other than Auto and Master
- Update NodeCraft icon

- Switch to https for all urls
- Require minimum version of Java 7

- Fix issues installing some libraries on OSX

- Remove ATLauncher from the classpath when launching Minecraft

- Add in Alex default skins for even UUID's
- Add in version_type to the launch arguments
- Fix dependsGroup on extraArguments not working correctly
- Stop showing error dialog when no skin is set by the user and is using default

- Fix NPE when trying to edit mods for an instance
- Fix some content not being relocalized when language is changed

- Fix NPE when java arg has less than 5 characters
- Fix NPE when an instance is converted to dataVersion 1

- Add Discord button for packs

- Fix edit mods dialog not showing mods when looking at an older instance created before

- Add in Discord social button
- Change links for social buttons
- Fix downloads not following redirects
- Fix noconfigs option for packs not doing anything
- Fix scrollbars disappearing in large scroll lists
- Fix deleting directories removing the strucutre of symlinks
- Show error message when downloading the configs for a pack fail
- Switch log uploading to UTF-8 to prevent possible upload issues
- Fix issue with the PacksTab not refreshing after changing account
- Don't download every single Minecraft json file increasing startup speed
- Add --no-launcher-update command line argument to not allow launcher updates
- Add --working-dir command line argument to set the working directory of the launcher
- Change the versions dropdown to take up less space due to change of string formatting
- Add --skip-integration command line argument to not put files in APPDATA or equivelant
- Fix issue with linked/depends mods not cascading their changes to the mods they enable
- When reinstalling/updating an instance, select the mods which the user initially selected
- Download resources for all versions of Minecraft and download server/client jar differently
- Remove the --skip-minecraft-version-downloads command line argument as it's no longer necessary
- Add in command line argument --skip-hash-checking to disable the checking of hashes when downloading
- Fixed an issue with cloning an instance where previously changes made to a clone would affect the original
- Changed the Edit Mods Dialog screen so that the options presented are applicable to the Minecraft version in use
- When a direct download is used for a mod, check the content length from the url to see if it should be re downloaded
- Fixed issue that gave a bad '32 bit Java on 64 bit Windows' warning when 64 bit Java was installed in the x86 directory

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