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Here you can view the stats for a specific player for all the packs available in the ATLauncher. It's broken down into the different packs and the amount of time played on each pack as well as the last time they played the pack. Currently the leaderboards are cleared every week on Mondays at 00:01 UTC.

Leaderboard stats for SneezeloafXD

SneezeloafXD's Minecraft skin
United States United States

Pack Minutes played Hours played Last played
Hermitcraft Modsauce 2 529.97 minutes played 8.83 hours played 2 days ago
Block 19 425.93 minutes played 7.10 hours played 3 days ago
Sky Factory 4 177.97 minutes played 2.97 hours played 3 days ago
SevTech: Ages 78.42 minutes played 1.31 hours played 3 days ago
InsaneVanilla++ 63.43 minutes played 1.06 hours played 3 days ago
Breakfast Special 36.57 minutes played 0.61 hours played 3 days ago
Xisuminati 30.93 minutes played 0.52 hours played 16 hours ago
From The Darkness 19.93 minutes played 0.33 hours played 4 days ago
Project: Dark Matter 7.50 minutes played 0.13 hours played 14 hours ago
Survivalists' Nightmare 0.30 minutes played 0.01 hours played 4 days ago
Resonant Rise Lite 0.25 minutes played 0.00 hours played 3 days ago

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